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December 20, 2017

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Super Bowl Sunday 2011

November 30, 2017

Dedicated to my son, Todd November 29, 1968 — July 19, 2017



A perfect day for hate and fear
The big game is later but first the Sunday morning pundits
Stuffed full of opinions, wrapped in suspicion with a dash of paranoia 
And a sprinkle or two of misinformation 
Machine gun deliveries forbid proper assimilation
Barbecues ignite with a whoosh while militaristic terms threaten chaos
Sunday morning blenders hum
Big screen fear tubes weave lies promising catastrophic consequences
Freaks argue violently and then offer their agendas as solutions
The blenders like solutions
Any solution that eliminates manufactured fear
By game time with the aid of alcohol and non-stop rhetoric laced with fear and hate
The couches of America now have a collective position on Egypt
We’ll back the Egyptian elite
If you don’t, you don’t believe in democracy 
The boogie-man will take charge, choose one
The radical fringe, the PEOPLE will take over
Except the Eight Hundred and Sixty-Five Egyptian citizens murdered 
while protesting

Oh Christina, Christina
Elevating their lack of talent by criticizing your real talent
The country pulls in its obese bellies and has fantasies of having any

Next the American elite showcase their global power, celebrating themselves
Producing polished sixty-second capitalist propaganda
Interrupting the gladiators to throw bread at the peasants
Teasing and lying that power can be yours too
A teaspoon of greed and a tablespoon of envy
The elite recipe for complacency that Americans take willingly like sugar
All the way back to Kings and Pharaohs, failed leaders all do the same
throughout history
They put dissidents in prison and kill one or two as an example
That’s how the elite control the state’s resources and hold their personal
The elite and military are one

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